January Exhibition 2016

Inspired by poetry and a fascination with our origins, migrations and settlings, my new work will be on show at Edinburgh Palette, Gallery 2, St Margarets House, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE. My work has been rooted in developing my drawing from the life model, and this has lead me through a period of abstraction and concentrating on mark making, which has allowed me to free myself from the constraints of representation. I have returned to figurative painting but it isn't very representational! Many of my life drawings and paintings will also be on show.

The exhibition will run from 23rd January until 7th February 2016 and there will be a preview opening on Friday 22nd January from 7.00pm. Please come and join me then, for a first look and a glass of wine.

There will be other exhibitions in Galleries 1 and 3 so it should be a jolly evening, with lots to see.